Quick Fix

I’ve corrected various colours for now. The image might stay – I quite like it – but the rest I’m not so sure about… it needs something. I got distracted by what I thought would be a fairly quick and easy demo blog to set up, but as I’m not familiar (yet) with absolute positioning – I thought I was, and it works in my CSS program – it turned out to take a bit longer. Hmm. I shall persevere. Karma point to the person who can see the CSS fault, and an extra point for telling me the fix. I will try to sort it myself though – I’m not one for running for help until I’ve exhausted all possibilities, and I’m far from that just now. The page should display properly in IE now too.

My current to-do list:

  1. Move your blog guide
  2. Start a new graphical css guide
  3. Finish off the current updated css guide
  4. Sort my own css
  5. Do the demo-blog I just started
  6. Do the ‘Forum Helpers Guide’

And I’ve had to give up on a second base machine on which to play with SUSE. The only ones I can get – as in afford – are so old and slow (PII 350Mhz, 64Meg RAM and a 1Gb HD) that it would just drive me nuts in no time at all. I could try installing it on this machine, but the point of having two was that I could swap connections, find any software, burn it to CD and swap back. With one machine it would probably be an exercise in frustration. Oh well….

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One thought on “Quick Fix

  1. Its the borders Mark. Gemini has very little tolerance.
    I have only seen it in FF but it would not surprise me if it is borked in IE. Send me an e describing the issue and Ill fine tune it. We need to adjust the rap width I would think. Start adding 2px incrementally.

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