I want SSX4 !

Steve has, quite rightly in my view, dropped supporting the UPB List. I can’t remember when I first posted there (and I can’t be bothered to search for it) but certainly when I joined the newsgroup, there was a definite sense of community, something which has gone now. The IRC channel was regularly used by many people – I think there were something like 7 ops too – every night (except Fridays… they were always quiet) yet now it all seems to have died a death. Part of me thinks this was inevitable as people move on in life and become involved in other interests, or complete any bodyart ‘project’ they had, or maybe like me just have no actual ‘use’ for bodyart anymore. But I also think it’s due to the net and bodyart itself.
Apart from BME, when I joined there was very little in the way of mainstream bodyart sites, and blogs had not been ‘invented’. So in a way, the newsgroup was the only way to keep in touch, stay updated, become involved. Now though there are many bodyart sites, many people have personal sites / blogs, forums abound offering information and advice, more studios have an online outlet so the ‘market’ for a newsgroup has declined. Maybe people don’t even use newsgroups any more ?
Either way, the newsgroup seems to be more disjointed now, so I think Steve’s decision is fully justified.

Spent a while yesterday writing a guide to duplicate your WP blog onto your PC, and Shadow kindly offered to test-drive it. Unfortunately, that showed that my guide does not work as such for XP Pro (I use XP Home) as Pro has IIS running, and Xampp and Pro do not seem to get on. Annoying – and much thanks to Shadow for persevering.
The principle is sound, but I could do with someone to test what I have written who does use XP Home. I can then put the necessary additions in for Pro once that has been done. Any volunteers ? (Your actual blog is totally safe !)
I did find an oddity though – you cannot install 1.2mingus onto a php5 platform, but you can run it there. My duped blog is 1.2, and it runs fine (I had installed 1.3, dropped the tables, imported my tables / images / css ). Unless it will go bang when I try something later ……

And I’ve got rid of the Sage RSS extension for FF – I’m sure it was updating wrongly, and therefore Awasu now does the business.

And the title ? I’ve nothing left to do in 3 any more ….. know any similar (not TH) games ?

2 thoughts on “I want SSX4 !

  1. I stopped using the IRC channel because of all the bots. I had no idea what they were doing, logging, tracking or whatever. They made me feel very uncomfortable, so I eventually stopped going in.

    I’d have liked to have carried on using the channel but there you go.

    I’ve lost interest in bodyart and whatnot really. I’ve got another obsession at the moment which takes up most of my time. 🙂

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