How crap is Google ??

So that Awasu reader gets junked – it would only use IE as it’s browser. That’s crap. And I start looking for a Firefox compatible one. NewsMonster STILL screws Firefox when it is installed, so I had to delete FF and reinstall, and I turn to Google to find something.

I’m getting really pissed off at G. So many sites have got scripting engines that send crap stuff just so they can get you to go there – I mean, will really have stuff on RSS readers ? Bollocks.. it just makes a nonsense of them returning results doesn’t it ? And yet all of them will have this stupid pathetic problem. Who really gives a shit about high hits if all someone does it then click to close the damn window when you realise you’ve been duped ?

I’m annoyed.. and someone on AIM trying to chat me up right now is just worsening the situation.