Saturday Stuff

Just after I wrote that last entry, I started to feel really odd, and ended the evening feeling ill. I’m fine now, so I guess it was just the tension of having waited the last 4 weeks for yesterday’s meeting working out of my body. Maybe I didn’t realise just how much it was stressing me. I did notice how much more relaxed J looked last night though, and that was really nice to see.

There’s another one of these multi-user communities sprung up at It’s free, non-exclusive and so far seems to replicate Orkut in some ways, but it might be fun. If you join, look me up ? I’ll play later and customise my page(s) there later maybe.

The Sage RSS Reader for Firefox is pretty good if you use that browser (of course you do…..) , a flash-based multi-IM program Gush looks okay but for some reason it would not let me sign into Y! so I’m sticking with gaim, and if you use Ad-aware, there is a new version available which you should grab here:

The graphical CSS guides are now updated, even though some of the improvements I wanted to make have not yet been done as I mentioned previously. There is also one (two) glaring omission which I really should rectify later and there have been few comments on the entry about Forum Helping – even if you don’t help, what else do you think should be there ?

And my SUSE dvd-rom’s just arrived 🙂

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