I’ve spent a while taking the content over at the ISP space and putting it here.
Two reasons – I want it hosted here at some point anyway, and it was also a mess over there. Each index had it’s own css that subfolders fed off and that was just inefficient should I choose to alter the layout, so that has been cured. The ‘crayon’ blog has not yet been moved yet, and I think it’s all gone okay – it’s tricky to tell with caching sometimes. I have also used the Forums FAQ as formatted by Carthik but I may alter it slightly in a couple of areas following feedback in the forum. It’s in the /wordpress directory if you wanted a look.
One very annoying thing here though is that I can’t use the same tracker. Well I can, but the stats cannot be password protected as they are in the cgi-bin, and this server won’t allow a .htaccess / .htpasswd in there as well. Doesn’t sound like a huge deal until you know that there is an Reset function on the tracker which obviously shouldn’t be used by anyone but me. I’m not sure what to do – leave it untracked and just have a counter ? But then repeat visits are useful to know. I shall ponder….

Next up will be two more on phpmyadmin: emptying / dropping tables (done), and also moving / duping your blog. Neither are difficult to do, so I may get them done tomorrow. Any other stuff I could do ?

4 thoughts on “Mirrors

  1. The line-height suggestion was a good one – it just went up by 10%
    Not sure what you mean about padding though ?

    The font is actually #ccc (the hover behaviour in #menu is white), though I could go to off-green maybe 😛

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