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All is good.

Met with first the Registrar, then the Consultant. It was about J’s cataracts (one in each eye).
For the past 2-3 years, they have been saying that due to her having uveitis (inflammation of the eye) they cannot operate and she must use steroid drops every 2-4 hours to reduce the inflammation. They had, up to today, completely failed to grasp, despite us pointing it out on numerous occasions, that because the uveitis is caused by the MS, it will not go away and the high use of steroids was actually causing the rapid cataract development. Today, it seemed to sink in.
The Consultant wanted to operate on her right eye (the better one) but warned us about the healing and possible complications should the inflammation be made worse by the surgery. It then took quite some reasoning to get him to realise that if he operated on her good eye without knowing the surgical consequences given the ms / uveitis, he would be leaving her effectively blind. His reasoning was that the left eye cannot be improved much due to other retinal scarring (cause MS ?) so why not just go for the right eye. Our reasoning was two-fold: that if he improved the right eye he may put off intervention in the left eye simply because she had had one operation, and two that anything were to go wrong, it should go wrong on the worse eye first. This took some getting into his head, but once there, in typical Consultant fashion, he adopted the idea of operating first on the left eye to both make minor improvements and to assess the healing process. I have every confidence that he is now presenting this as his idea ……..
Anyway, hopefully J will have the first op in 4-6 weeks and we’ll see what happens from there. Although she will be on pre- and post-op steroids, I’m going to ping someone on upb for advice re alternative meds.

I have said this before, but the word ‘holistic’ is complete crap. J has been seen by Consultants in 2-3 Heath Trusts now, and not a single one has seen the ‘big picture’. All they see is the one physical system that is going wrong, and they fail to realise the impact not only that everything she has has on her, but also how their work can really help if only they did it properly.
If you had to lose one of your 5 senses, I seriously doubt you would pick sight as being it – but finally the medics have got to grips with what we have been banging on about, and the sense of relief here is tangible.

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