17 hours and counting down….

I accidentally deleted yesterdays post while messing about with the new smilies (Hi Craig ! 😛 ), not that much is missing though….. and I need a new little project.
As I said yesterday, the CSS guides are on hold, so I’m bored. Suggest me something !

Very significant appointment meeting tomorrow for J. VERY.
If all goes as we hope – and it is not an unreasonable hope, then all will be well.
If it does not go to plan, then I have every intention of wilfully slandering both the medic concerned and his employers here, followed by my emailing them to make clear what my thoughts are. There is, quite literally, nothing they can do to harm me, so what the hell.
I just googled for the medic concerned, and his name does not appear – that could be useful.
If he says No, it’s going to be a very bumpy ride here for quite some time.

Oh well… back to getting my cookie writing problem sorted.

3 thoughts on “17 hours and counting down….

  1. I suggest someone (why not you?) build a plug-in that resembles the subscribe feature in MT very closely except itt would include the ability to unsubscribe.

    I tried the subscriber plugin but it was not what I was looking for. I want to be able to click a button on the same page where I write a post that will send my new entry to a list of folks who want to be subscribed. It is the one and only thing I miss about MT.

    That is my suggestion. LOL.

  2. Heather …… my dear …… indeed that may well, in the scheme of things be but a small pebble of a project, but unfortunately in my case, said pebble is at the top of a rather steep and crumbling cliff. The windspeed across the cliff face doesn’t help either 😛

  3. Well good luck any way. The publication of defamatory material is potentially libellious but it has to be shown that it is untrue or not justified anyway. Furthermore under the 1956 section 5/6 (I think) Defamation Act there is a defence of Fair Comment in the Public Interest. If all else fails you can use the provisions of the 1998 Defamation Act to get mostly off the hook, by making a qualified or unqualified offer to make amends. What we all need to be careful about is the claimant serving a notice on our ISPs. If UK based they will almost certainly close the site regardless. In which case it is necessary to make an application (probably on notice) to a judge (as opposed to a procedural master)in the High Court under Part 23 of the Civil Procedure Rules seeking an order to lift the notice and restrain them. It’s a relatively simple process. Particularly if you are representing yourself 🙂 Not that I know much about it. 🙂

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