Can you see a fox ?

Given my rather dark design, and despite the addition of a new daily image, I’m giving IE users an extra splash of colour – namely a Firefox image at the top of the menu. Of course, the object isn’t for you to appreciate the colour is it ?

phpGiggle dumped. Probably through me messing with the CSS it had made the font for what it parsed really small, and I couldn’t be arsed to sort it. It’s not been hugely used anyway. New words added into the Comments section – it’s part of what I said ages ago.

Finished John Simpson’s “The Wars of Saddam”. This is the 3rd book of his I have read, and they never disappoint. I know it’s only one side of an argument, but his experiences and analysis of the second Gulf War really should be more widely available. It’s not that he is extreme, or that he has some new ideas – much of what he says is echoed in the quality reading you can find (note: “find”) yet is studiously ignored by the mainstream press. Always the case I guess. Still highly recommended reading.
One thing I really like about going abroad is that I can see BBC World (actually, one point he makes is that only 19% of Americans have a passport). Is BBC World available on satellite ? I have FreeView and it’s not on that. Anyway, “Simpson’s World” is a fascinating piece of reportage and much of the other programming is also interesting fare over the general BBC junk we get served here.

Next thing to sort here is the styleswitcher. It’s in and running, but as soon as you leave this page, it reverts. I’m using the js from AListApart, so I guess I need to see how it reads the cookie and change that around somehow.

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