5 thoughts on “BSOD ?

  1. When I build a machine I pretty much install anything outside of the OS and Office to the D: Drive /installed.apps. I move the my documents folder there as well and I keep my email on an IMAP server. This way all my data is secure and in one place.

    I would URGE that anyone doing a SP2 update backup there data first to a data drive. This way not unlike myself I can always reinstall the OS and get to my data with little to no effort.

    God luck all you M$ peeps 😉 and after you get the BSOD, change over to ArkLinux – these things just don’t happen….

  2. You’re panicking over nothing. This was an install of RC2 which was buggy and the machines died because “winserv” is spyware and has nothing whatsoever to do with WinXP.

    The version of SP2 released to manufacturing seems to be very stable (so far).

    I keep auto-update turned off purely because I like to know what’s going on the machine….and I’m paranoid 😎 But for the average Joe User, they should keep updates turned on.

  3. I’m not panicing as such.. I’m just waiting for when m$ release any update fix 🙂

    For the average update, I agree, update should be left on, and mine usually is, but given the wide ranging changes that this pack will bring, I’ll wait. I have read many other things about this update, and it’s not what m$ say that I believe – that will be the experiences of users.
    I’ll subscribe later to several more newsgroups, just for the purpose of seeing just what does break……..usenet I trust, offical sites ? Hmmmm

  4. And I’d probably think you were a teeny bit unhinged if you did trust MS and not just wait a lil bit to see what happens to the Sys Admins who have to install it 😉 Cautious, Paranoid?…nah sensible!

    It’s a mighty file at 200+meg as well. No big hassles so far, and to be honest I’m still looking for a full list of what’s in it. Sure there’s firewall, IE and OE updates – but I take care of the security on my PC and I don’t use OE or IE. Conflicts seem to be low with MS doing sensible things like not turning on the MS Firewall if Zonealarm is installed – some patches are also out so security apps are recognised. But a few people say the OS seems to run ‘smoother’ which may be worth it.

    Still, I’m also sitting back, tapping a proverbial foot and waiting to see if the sky falls in 😀

    …Probably take me that long to get the torrent anyway…

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