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An analogy
If you were looking for someone to do some construction work on your house, would you choose someone who had up-to-date knowledge of materials, regulations, techniques ? I’m going to assume you would. Now let’s say as your builder is doing his job and doing it well, a fellow builder happens along, but this builder did his apprenticeship many years ago and he, despite his protestations, has not kept up with the latest developments in the field. What should your builder do when the interloper starts to criticise his methods, his techniques, his adherence to the latest standards ? Should he listen and act the way he is being told ? Should he defend his practice ? Should he have to repeatedly defend himself ? I think not – especially when the intruder has jumped into a conversation simply to make some sort of archaic and potentially combative point.
Ever see Harry Enfield ? “You don’t want to do it like thaaat”.

Standards are not written for fun or general amusement. They are not written to create havoc. In fact, they are specifically written to avoid havoc, especially in the case of the internet where many different machines, using many different OS’s / browsers and above all users. For someone to hark back to the ‘days before CSS’ and see everything as being all rosy back then and daft now is just plain stupid. It’s called progress, and if you expect your efforts to remain at the forefront, you have to move with them. After all, you could crawl everywhere, so why did you bother learning how to walk ?
The user who jumped into the thread was wrong to do so. Wrong to hark back, wrong to promote tables and wrong to try to use humour given their infrequent postings. And apologies do not have to be long-winded including lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘but’s’ – that does not make it an apology.

Root is right – WP comes with standards, and my view is that if WP is to be promoted widely, we owe it to users to ensure, as far as we can, that those standards are maintained. There are some people on the forums who have worked damn hard to make their site be xhtml and css valid, and for the main forum supporters to begin saying things like “Yea, that little table for navigation is okay, it doesn’t really matter” not only breaks the WP standard that we expect, but it also does a disservice to those that have spent time learning, adapting and succeeding with their work.

If you want to stick to the old stuff, fine, but do not criticise those people who chose not to have such a blinkered view, and who also give freely of their time to assist many others who also want to make that step forward.

And in other news …………two useful additions to the freeware I use:
Url2bmp – grab screenshots as wide and as long as you like. Very useful for broken layout shots, or when you want to capture more than can be shown on-screen. This one now sits in my Aquadock.
MoveOnBoot – I had an exe file that for some reason Windows just would not let me get rid of. It kept telling me it was in use, when I couldn’t see what was causing it. Rather than plod round looking for processes, this dinky little program just marks it for deletion when you boot, but before windows kicks in. Fine result.
Both programs are linked from my Freeware page.

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