Expect funkiness for a while ………Update: okay, done.

Original CSS: 6.88K

Updated CSS: 7.96K

I split my stylesheet down. Instead of one large sheet with all the details, I now have 4 – fonts / images / colours / everything else. I was playing around with the CSS I have on my machine, and got mightily fed up of all the scrolling in the WP editor. It was also difficult to see the elements I wanted to change in all the detail. So I’ve split it up. I may yet split out the actual layout elements.
So what’s the point ? None, but there may be some. Editing may prove easier in that when I make an error, my view of the CSS won’t be cluttered by elements that I don’t need to be seeing – if I make an error with margins, I don’t really need to see colours / fonts do I ?
The increase in file size above is small enough that it matters not, and editing the files in the WP editor is now easier and quicker.