Harvest Moon

Got this GC game yesterday for the girls. Came home about 4pm, it’s now nearly 8pm and the GC and TV have been fully occupied for all but about 3 hours of that time. D. even fell asleep playing in the early hours. They played GTA:VC a lot, but nowhere near as much as this game. Cute 🙂

I debated erasing this blog and starting anew this afternoon, but then I decided that I couldn’t decide just why I wanted to. So I didn’t. Randomness.

I do want to restyle this CSS though. I’d like just a tiny bit more definition, but I can’t decide just where / how yet. I also need to figure out where the small error in my (validating) CSS is. I’ve looked and looked but I am, as yet, none the wiser.

No work done on the updated guides today. Been both busy doing WP stuff for other people and I’m also waiting on a bit of news, but I’ll probably get around to it tomorrow……..

Oh, and two pain-free days !!

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