Video Editing

I’m after some recommendations…

I have raw files (avi /mpeg) from a DV cam. I want to be able to edit out the bits I don’t want, then have the program seamlessly put the bits I do want back together. Output must be user specifiable (window size / frame rate / file type). Titles / credits would be cool, but they are not essential. Must be pretty easy to use. Freeware preferred, but not essential.

Anything come to mind ?

4 thoughts on “Video Editing

  1. I agree about Premiere’s availability, but like all of Adobe’s products, they do far far too much for me.
    It’s like Photoshop – sure I could get it and use it, but the weight it seems to throw at my system seems too much, that plus the fact it takes so damn long to start.

    There must be a standalone that does this somewhere……….

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