The Coital Straw

We all went out for a meal last night as it was D.’s 14th birthday. I’m not a great food lover, but in situations like this, I really enjoy watching people.

Body language is a wonderful thing, not only when you can interpret it to a degree, but also when you can manipulate your own. Tonight though, spectating was the order of the day (night).
Family groups were quite boring to watch, it’s the couples that prove interesting. One couple had either just had an argument (with the bloke being the instigator and now trying to make up for it) as he constantly sat forward and spoke while she sat back and barely moved or it was blind date gone wrong from her point of view but he though he was in with a chance. Another couple – she was seriously going to ‘see’ to the guy later with all the lovey-dovey touchy-feelie and making eyes at him, and there was another couple that really had me grinning…

Sat across from each other, she didn’t once initiate touching him. She sat with her arms across her front, or with elbows on the table and hands clasped next to her chin. He though, was all for the touching. Constantly reaching out to touch her elbows, leaning forward to speak, smiling, nodding. And then there was the straw.

At one point, he was leaning forward while listening to her, and with his hand he held the straw that was in her drink and proceeded to lift it up, push it into her drink, lift it up, push it in … the message he was sending couldn’t have been clearer ! And I’ll bet he hadn’t a clue what he was letting everyone else see……..

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