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  1. No, it’s not… 10% of the families they help are affected by other illnesses. When I spoke to the lady from MC, I did actually ask her about MS and she said yes, they would be happy to offer a care service for a family such as yours… and it’s completely free as well. 🙂 I thought I’d chatted to you about them, but I guess not… if you want more info, I’ll throw some in the post for you. x

  2. Info I can get – by the bucketful.

    Getting real, proper, useful help is something completely different. It may look easy from the outside, the govt and other agencies can pump out all their propanganda about how wonderful they are to people, but when you try and get it ?
    It’s always another dept’s job, someone is away, the waiting list is huge, they do not allocate for that purpose, they’ll ‘get back to you’ but never do.

    There is also the fact that personal pride and dignity come into it. And NO service really cares about that.

    And I think I’m mad at things now….

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