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8 days ago, I posted to the WP forums. There is an inordinate amount of time spent fixing CSS layout problems in the forums. People post that their layout is broken, and they get help to repair it and turn it into a compliant site that will stand up to both Firefox and IE. There are very few templates out there to choose from (I’m talking about standards compliant templates here, not something mocked up to look pretty), so I figured that given that WP is free, the template was free, the help was free, that someone may, as I requested, give their template to me. That way, I could start to build a selection of good, solid templates for people to use.
Response ? Zero.

5 days ago, I posted another request. I would like to create a guide so that when people want to move domains, they can easily export and then import their database. I asked for SQL dumps, and said that it was purely for testing with. I gave my gmail address and said I could take up to 10meg files. Given the different server types, mysql versions and phpmyadmin flavours, it may not be as straightforward as it first seems. Indeed, it took me some work to successfully import Shadow’s sql file. There is no burning need for this, but as WP grows, and as people decide to buy their own domain and move from a free host, the demand will be there. And even if that demand is only a few people, it’s extremely important to them. I’m now aware – I was told just after I posted that request – that there is something in the pipeline for WP that will address this issue, but even so, I thought it would be a useful addition.
Response ? Zero.

My comment on this ? wtf….Zero.

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  1. My comment on this. You are the goods Mark – it’s about time the powers that be – recognise your efforts and give you a very big public THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do for WP!

    Sure no one asks you to do it and I know you enjoy it – but you’re human too – at least I think you may be – and like any human – a thank you means a lot.

    From me anyway – THANKS HEAPS Mark!

  2. I stopped reading the WP forums because they get too much traffic for me to keep up with, so I missed your request. tell me what you’d like and I’ll send it to you. the template for my site is on a totally jacked index file, so it’s probably not much help, but I’d contribute the css from my wife’s blog, or from the css project blog that I keep forgetting to launch. As for the database, I’m not sure what you need. would I just change the admin password to be something I could share, back it up, and then revert the admin password? I’ll put the rss for this post’s comments in my reader so that I don’t forget to check back. 🙂

  3. Here are a couple of reasons people may not be volunteering their CSS.

    Although the CSS may be valid it also may be “crappy” coding to those who are more practised. The “I do not want to be scrutinized for my crappy coding” feeling.

    Also people who have been using WP for a while probably have modified index.php. This is no good for someone who it just starting out.

    My CSS is free to anyone, is a conglomerate of other’s work and validates. However, if a new user were to see it they would probably cry. You would probably cry too it you saw it.

  4. Anything you need Shadow… I am sure you helped me out a couple times on the wp site. So please take what you need. In regards to the SQl stuff.. I think it might be a security thing.. Some people use passwords they might use elsewhere and are not SURE if they would be sending you anything to compromise their data, site or who knows what.

    I do not have any special templates to offer you, but you are most welcome to take my code:


    both are hacks of templates I have found.. but improved upon. Mine work as best I can get them too.

    I just wish more people considered Konq when making a template.

    Kind regards,

  5. What would be neat if we could encourage folks to generate new styles which fit Gemini. Then we would be in business. In fairness we have never set this up or tried to. Sadly a lot of people have bought into the AK imbroglio and wont admit it is a mess.

  6. I think that at the time, the Style Competition was timely and needed. If it encouraged people to switch to WP by demonstrating that there were a range of styles that could be used with a default template, then that is, for me, a good thing.

    I do think though that what would be very useful is a range of templates that are compliant and predictable. Maybe part of the reason people don’t change their layout is that they don’t know how ?

    It would be great to encourage people to submit styles, but how to do it ? My recent experiences in asking for things has come to nought – it would seem that only some sort of tangible reward is good enough. I am certainly not in a position to offer anything as an incentive, and even if I was ………

  7. Well by default I am building a library of known Gemini /Trident users. They have all got links on the blogs. There may be more but I am pretty good at huntin’ em down. When there is a centre of gravity we might promote a few to *gallery status* somewhere. Alternatively I can just launch a head on request in the forum and on my blog. My problem with that; and some folks here might have a view; is that one, I can not be seen to undermine confidence in the default index and two there is going to be a degree of conflict / crossover with the AK thing. Given a perfect world I would not want to be in that position but I would be very interested in what people think.

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