Moonbootica Remix

Lack of a headache continues – Joy!!

Managed to get some CSS guide work done. Tonight J and the girls are off round to their uncle’s place, so I’ll have time to tackle the comments and link li# parts of the guide. Then – or during if I hit a bit of a wall – I’ll tie the other parts of the site there to the new stylesheet and redo a few more screenshots.
Doing the PDF bit is annoying. First run of the whole thing came to 467K, but the formatting was b0rked and it wasn’t grabbing the ‘entire site’ in the correct order for some reason. I think that I’ll link each page to an individual PDF for that page, and I’ll have to see what options I have, if any, for formatting. Annoying too is that I have plain Verdana as the new font, yet the PDF looks like Arial BOLD BOLD. Ack …….. it’ll be fixable no doubt.

Max, a friend who runs the local shop, has had his computer online now for about 6 months. When he went online, I burnt a CD for him with all the good stuff on it – AVG, adaware, spybot, Firefox, T-Bird, couple of cleaner / reg checker progs, other bits and bobs. As he’s on dialup, I figured giving him the CD would be better and he would install the stuff. Doh! Guess whose machine has now virtually stopped working, and guess who he’s asked to fix it …. full reinstall of XP it is there then. I’m really tempted to remove IE from his machine too.

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