Headache Sunday

This headache today has wiped me out – I had to go to bed during the day which for me is a very rare thing.
There is no obvious cause though:
Diet ? No, with the possible exception of orange juice the other day.
Dehydration ? Craig suggested it, so I’ve knocked cola on the head and am drinking plenty of water.
Medication ? Possibly, they have certainly increased since the Lithium was started, but then I need that. Uncontrolled bipolar or headaches. What a choice eh ?

I had an MRI about 10 months ago, so I’m assured that side of things is fine, and although they tend not to be of a ferocity that Jayne experiences, they are still debilitating to a level. I had every intention of doing a load of stuff on the new guides today, but I just can’t concentrate enough for the work to be any good.
Maybe I should ring the Psych.

4 thoughts on “Headache Sunday

  1. Be careful with the water – I’ve managed to give myself headaches from drinking too much and only realised it today when someone at work told me about it. After a bit of research it seems to be true – too much water is as bad as not enough. I’m going to try and limit it to the recommended 2 litres a day – I’ve probably drank twice that the last few days!

    You might find that switching to caffeine free diet coke helps a bit too – there’s no difference in taste and not having caffeine at all has greatly reduced the number of “normal” headaches I get.

  2. Yea, I know about the water – seen too many patients get very ill from drinking too much.
    I’ve hardly had any coke in the last 3 days, mainly water and juice.

    It’s just so tiring having them isn’t it…. and going to the GP will be a waste of time, but normal OTC stuff just doesn’t touch them.

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