A new record. The server, which has been bugging me nightly since the 20th, just sent it’s last email – for now. 81% over.

“and your site has consumed 850320357 bytes ( 810.929 MB ) beyond that quota.”

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4 thoughts on “Bandwidth

  1. Wow, My monthly bandwidth for July was approximately 5 gigabyte and I think this is getting a bit high. Previous months have been 3gb and 2.5gb respectively. I am allocated 40gb bandwidth per month and it worries me that if my site ever becomes popular [yeah right], would the 40 gb allocation cope? I would hate to have to restrict my graphics on the site. But at this stage it would appear that my visitors would have to increase tenfold to get anywhere near the quota.
    I take my hat off to you Mark for keeping your bandwidth so low especially considering the sheer volume of users going through here on a daily basis.

  2. Because the day I go over, it sends me a little mail telling me the gory details 🙂
    It’s not a problem at all, in fact it’s quite amusing to get mails all timed at 00:05.
    More reminding than bugging maybe ?

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