An automatic dislike

There is a certain person from my past who I intensely dislike. Although I wouldn’t go out of my way at all to do it, if I ever got the chance to wreck his life or otherwise damage him (not physically) I would grab that opportunity with both hands.

(Before you start wondering who, this person is completely unknown to you all. One or two of you may have read about him at one point).

Anyway, my point is that whenever I read his name, that name, a name shared by many other people, I automatically dislike the bloke concerned, even though I haven’t met that particular guy. If I see someone who shares the same facial characteristics as him, I automatically dislike them too. I know I’m doing it, but even so my suspicions are raised and I cannot suppress the feelings of dislike.


If you are a parent, you’ll know the fun of choosing a name for the new addition to the household. It’s sort of the same in that as you go through names, the faces of the people who you know or knew pop into your mind, and if it isn’t an attractive image, you don’t go for the name. Things like “I knew a boy at school called Rodney and he was foul!” are said.

And I have yet another headache.

6 thoughts on “An automatic dislike

  1. I know exactly what you mean about names… As you already know, R and I are having to pick names. R mentiones a name, but if I know someone already like that, or if that’s what their brother or sister are called, I won’t let our child be called that. R’s even doing that herself, if she’s known someone in her past with that name, it’s a definate no no…

    Who thought it would be so difficult to name someone!! I had ideas about what I would call our child, but now that I think of them, they don’t sound right. We have decided on a girls name, it’s just the boys that’s difficult.

  2. Sorry to piggyback on this comment but I would have thought picking a name would be one of the most difficult things to do! Its the first thing most people will know about that person and they will have to live with it the rest of their lives. I never can understand why some parents insist on outrageous and difficult names for their children. For example I can’t for the life of me understand why Irish families living in England insist on using complicated Irish names for their kids when nobody in England understands how to pronounce them…stupid!:roll:

  3. I think Terry means it would appear to be easy given the sheer number of names you could choose, yet each also carries numerous connotations when you actually have the responsibility of naming another person.

    There is so much history and culture tied up with some names (the Irish thing you mention Dino ?) and I’m sure it applies cross-culture. That’s certainly the case in the Asian communities where naming not only follows historic and religious lines, but also indicates other information about a person’s heritage and roots.

    As for my girls, they both have 3 first names simply because we could not choose between them. It is a nightmare though – you have to consider how the name will be shortened, what the initials may spell, what the initials may sound like if said, etc etc etc.

    And a unique name (there are no people we know called D. for instance) can be both an asset (if you are liked) and a liability (if you are not). And people are forever spelling it wrong too.

  4. This gets me down. There are just too many Davids and even I know a bunch of them that are assholes. 😆

    On another note a lot of Japanese parents will name their child such that the number of strokes in the characters that make up their name is a traditionally lucky number.

  5. I definately won’t be choosing any of those weird names. Parents who call their kids thinkgs like Apple, Peaches, Fifi-Trixibelle etc are, in my opinion, doing some harm to their kids. Imagine when they get to school, think of the teasing they would get from their schoolmates.

    Picking a name is very hard. I want to have my Dad’s name as the boys middle name, that’s just a tradition in the family. As for the girls name, I’ve always liked a certain name, R likes it too so if the name suits, that’s probably what we will choose.

    But you have to think of so many things, what the initials would look like, how the name sounds if said altogether. As Mark says, what would it be shortened to…

    Not any easy choice.

  6. My brother-in-law and his wife had names all picked, one for a boy and one for a girl, but when the baby was born they completely changed their minds as they said the name didn’t suit him. The name escapes me now but they felt he just didn’t look like an —- ! Guess you’ld have to be a parent to understand that one 🙂

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