To PDF or not..

Header page is now complete, and the Post Content page isn’t too far off – just need to go into details about .storycontent. Images are now being grabbed in a much better fashion and they actually do look good !

Ages ago, I saw on Jerome’s blog that he had printed out the guide, and I remember asking him how it looked. I think the reply was along the lines of ‘messy’. That was partly my fault in that I had not included a ‘print css’, and also because it just had not occurred to me that someone would either want or need to print it all out. Another person I spoke to recently also said it wasn’t too great. So I need to do something about it, and my thoughts turned to PDF.
I dislike PDF. No real reason I suppose, and I may even like it better if Adobe’s Reader didn’t take so damn long to fire up, but, it is cross-platform friendly, graphics can be embedded, layouts are preserved and it can be read offline.
I have installed a free PDF printer, and tried it out. Initial impressions:
– it’s certainly doable (+)
– the content looked okay (+)
– local path info was printed across the top (-)
– no automatic page formatting if I just ‘print’ a page (-)
– no watermarking (-)

So from this, if I do use it, and want it to look good, then I will have to design the pages again purely for a PDF print, and add © information to it as well. That’s quite a bit of work given that I will need to experiment with the program and then rebuild a lot of pages. I have no idea if it will be worth it.
For me, there is no benefit whatsoever, it’s just a heap more work, but for someone on the reading end, it could help them.

Any ideas ?

Edit:: Got hold of another program and it may make things easier for me to make them. I’ll pack the first 3 pages that I complete, and mail them out to a couple of people for feedback. If all is cool, it’s a goer. Should be Monday at latest to get 3 done.

One thought on “To PDF or not..

  1. I have a habit of printing out materials which i need to refer to from time to time. So having said that, i might not have the capability to go online all the time, so having a printout does makes sense because nothing beats having the physical piece of paper in your hands.


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