Shadow – I got it going 🙂
There was an error in one of the tables (dstats) which was breaking the data following it, hence the error. I removed that table from the sql file, along with the create table statement, and it worked !! There are still some references to your domain, but I couldn’t remember what find/replace had been run -not that it matters, because now I know what the error was, I can try using a variety of sql dumps (I’ll post to the forums for them). Oh, and taking that table out ? Dropped the size from 8meg to less than 1. So there is the possibility that file size played a part, but I’ve found some programs which may help there.
You know where to look to test it 🙂

The logo below… Root, following a lead from Bonary Bonsai, has perfected some CSS. The result of this is that if you visit atthe404, and you are using Firefox, all is well. If, however, you are using IE, you see an image like that below above all posts. Think of it as a prompt in the right direction. It’s not in use here yet …. though it, and an enhancement that Root is working on could well be put into place.

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  1. This CSS sticky is what I already have in place as my intro and I have to say it works very well. I would like to work out a way that I can use it in one particular category – as the heading for that category etc. I can see a million uses for it in that sense. I imagine there must be a means of doing it somehow…

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