I’m bored

and I need something to do, so I’ve decided to completely redo the WP CSS guide.

I’ve learnt more about the default css since I wrote it, regular css questions that crop up in the forums can be answered, those little ‘tips’ that I have picked up can be incorporated too.
The css used to display the pages will change, I’m going to design another logo too. I get the feeling from some mails I get that people think that I’m more closely associated with the WP project than I am – I’m just another user in the end – and changing the overall design may get this across.

Before I do anything though I will try to perfect my screenshots technique. The ones in use are okay I suppose, but they are fairly poor.
Designwise, I’ll move away from using <hr /> to distinguish between sections and use the CSS better. The font may change too.

If you have used the guides and can think of anything I could change / improve, let me know ?
Or if you have any nuggets of info that could be included, let me know too ?

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