Stalking carrots

Got a cat ?
I just fed my two. I buy these ‘pouches’ of cat food, and for the most part, they seem okay. As I cleaned their dish before I fed them, I saw some peas on it. Strange … so as I emptied the pouch, I took a good look at what was in it. Peas and carrot were in there. Now what the hell is THAT all about then ?
Dogs will eat anything – put a plate of pretty much any sort of food down, and they’ll trough straight in and clean it up. Still got food on your plate from your meal ? No problem – show it the dog. But cats ?
They are picky eaters. They are also by nature carnivores. I mean, do you think that when a cat is out and about of a night, and it’s a bit peckish, do you think the first thing to cross it’s mind is that raiding the vegetable patch would be a groovy idea ? Ever seen a cat stalking a carrot, readying itself, then leaping in for the attack, wrestling it from the ground and tearing it’s flesh as it sates the hunger within ? Err….no.

It’s a con. The cat food company gets to lob in food which bulks out the meat content (and you can bet the veg they use is super cheap as it will have been declared unfit for human consumption), but then sells it to us on the premise that seeing as we are advised to eat more veg, then surely it must be good for our pets too. It’s trying to ‘humanise’ their diet. It’s making more money out of pet owners. No wonder some days the cats want more food – their systems are not set up for anything other than the occasional chewing of some grass. Yup, it’s a con.

Mind you, it would be amusing to watch a cat trying to spear a pea onto it’s claw 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stalking carrots

  1. Hey!! Me!! lol, i’m the girl who just post the hardest question ever in wp support, and you helped me solved it!! yay!!! thanks*hugs*. 😀
    cats.. i believe it would be fun to have a pet or something, but i just have a fear of animals, so…:P

  2. um, true, i’ve never seen as cat stalking a carrot, but then I’ve not seen a dog stalk one either…. cat and dogs are carnivores by nature… tho as they’ve become domesticated, their diet has changed. As for being picky, my dog is a fussy eater too….

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