Yet another Headache

The only thing I did differently yesterday that I can think of was that I drank a lot of orange juice, yet this morning I woke with what felt like a hangover. Still don’t feel right. I really must get to the GP and have my blood levels done.

Two new WordPress guides written today.
First one covers how to backup and restore your database using phpMyAdmin. I know that Laughing Lizard has this as a plugin for versions up to 1.2, but there’s no harm in knowing how to do it using a tool. Also, the plugin needs you to be able to login to your install, and if you have upgraded to 1.3pre-alpha2, I don’t think it works for that yet.
The second guide covers how to move your entire installation to a new domain / host. Hopefully people won’t need this too often, but when they do, it should do the job well enough.
As I write this, Shadow is helping me fine tune the guides, so once we have everything sorted (basically, moved his blog into my webspace and got it working) I’ll make the url’s available and link them from the front page of my ISP space.

3 thoughts on “Yet another Headache

  1. Wow… I hadn’t thought of it as a trigger. My only other idea was that because I was drinking the juice, I wasn’t drinking pepsi max, and therefore my body was objecting to the healthyness of the juice or the lack of caffeine / aspartame.

    I shall try it another day and see what happens…

  2. Markie,
    Another issue could be dehydration, too. I lot of headaches are caused by that. Try raising your consumption of water and see how that goes. Incidentally, a hang-over apparently is a spell of dehydration, due to the nature of what alcohol does to the system.

    Drink water. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots.

    And lots.

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