Learning Code

I was messing around with php earlier on my localhost blog, basically just making changes in parts of the wp code, and plugins, just to see what happened. Conclusion ? I broke it. A lot 🙂
I’ve been doing this tinkering around with php for many months now, but I’ve not really produced anything. Sure I’ve cobbled together a few bits, but I’ve done so without the necessary understanding behind it, and if you don’t fully understand what it is you are writing, you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s finally dawned on me though just why I’ve made no real progress.

There’s no point.

I couldn’t write BASIC, so I learned assembly because I wanted to write things in a computer language.
I wanted a web page, so I learned HTML.
I found out how good CSS was, so I played with that too as it made my pages more efficient (note – I didn’t say better!).
Each of these had a point, a reason. I needed to learn to do what I wanted better.
But with PHP ? Dunno ….. why do I want to learn it ? I genuinely cannot think of a reason, and without motivation, I doubt I’ll ever do more than play with the edges. I can read some code to a point, and in the WP forums I can sometimes advise simply because I have seen and read the information needed, but understand it ? Nope.

I thought about giving myself a challenge, making myself write a program, but then that also doesn’t work because once that’s done, there is nothing else because, in the end, I see no point. Now this isn’t me being defeatist or pessimistic, in fact future events may unfurl in such a way that knowing PHP would be a huge bonus, but right now it’s just a toy, and a toy I can leave in the corner should I wish.

It’s odd what motivates and demotivates us …….