About my name (entry below) … WeblogTools – a site I read (and link to) had something this morning about a new hosting service. It’s a fairly common deal – free (WordPress) blog, free space, db , email and such – and the only ‘catch’ was that Google Ads were to be displayed and linked from the host. Fair enough. What had me intrigued was that my name was in the url (I’m not linking it). It was www.XXXXXXXXXX.com/podz/ – most odd. There was even a comment on the post from LaughingLizard wondering if I had anything to do with it.
So I went to look.
Turned out that not only was the directory named after me, but there was an author listed as ‘podz’ too. Hmmm …… time for email.

The guy who mailed me back said he had “decided to create a test site and that just ended up being the directory name”. I pointed out that I had two issues:
1 – Mark is not an online nickname, it’s what I am called. It’s my name.
2 – I am quite involved in the WordPress community.
Someone could have seen ‘WordPress’ and ‘Mark’, put one and one together and come up with a situation that did not exist. I was not too happy about that.

The guy has changed the url now, and has taken my name out of the author list. He did explain that it was not a deliberate thing – and I have no reason to doubt him.

I’m not being all precious about the name Mark (he pointed out that 17,000 other people were using that name) but I don’t think it’s too much to expect my name only to be linked to anything WordPress related if I am, or have been, involved to some extent. This probably sounds big-headed, but if anyone is going to trade on whatever association I have with WP, it’ll be me.

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