Xampp 1.4.5

Noticed last night that Xampp has been updated, and now has php5.0 integrated. New toy ! Time to play !
Deleted the previous Xampp on this machine, and installed the new one (33.6meg download). It installed with no issues at all. None. Didn’t even have to reboot – always a good thing.
Then downloaded and installed the latest WP nightly – 1.3pre-alpha2.
The install procedure is better than before – and the original procedure was pretty hard to beat!

So I’ve got the latest version of WP here to play with, look at, check out new features. I played around with phpmyadmin, and for fun, duplicated this site locally. Not too tricky at all to do either. Would a write up on how do do this be useful ?

If you’ve not used Xampp, it’s basically a server type thing on your machine. It’s got apache, mysql, php all integrated and if you use the installer download, there is nothing to immediately configure. Works ‘out of the box’. You can write and test php without uploading it to a site, you can play safely with phpmyadmin, you can install different plugins and see how they work before putting them onto your real blog – damn useful stuff. If you then dupe your site, you can work on the CSS, tweaking it to perfection before transferring it to your host server. You could install anything that requires either php and / or mysql. No need to edit file permissions, just open the files in a texteditor – PSPad is excellent – then save. It really is very very useful indeed. Go get it 🙂

I posted to a thread yesterday to acf and mentioned that I use Aquadock as a program launcher. One reply was that Aquadock is warez, and that an alternative Mobydock should be used. I can’t quite see that Majorgeeks would host warez, and especially a program about which there was some controversy (involving Apple I believe) but either way, I’m running Mobydock to see what’s what. Seems okay, a bit slower maybe, and it’s a much larger program. Aqua.exe weighs in at 737K, Mobydock at 3.47meg for the installer. I can’t find iCal for Moby either …..

And today, for the first time in months, I’m going to make a cheesecake. Lemon, with a shortcake base. No, you can’t have any either – it’s all mine ! 😛