A most productive evening !
First did all the usual maintenance stuff on this machine, so I’m – at the time of writing – malware free, virus / worm free, defragged, registry cleaned, dead pixel tested (no errors!).
Then sorted my webspace. Deleted a whole heap of stuff – dead files, folders, and images, backed this blog up then deleted those file from the server, emptied the stats table in the db – it was HUGE, deleted the testblog that had the dodgy 3 column layout (but I did keep a screenshot and the index/css), deleted another testblog I was using (no testblogs left here now).
Then revisited the setting up of PGP. GnuPG was already here from last time, so it was just a case of setting up a new passphrase and sorting a key. There is a link on the right to my public key. I’ve tested encryption by mailing myself and it seems to work okay, but if you feel the urge to test it by mailing me a line or two, don’t hold back 🙂 As I said last time, I’m not quite sure yet when I’ll have the need to send secure mail, but it doesn’t hurt to have that option at all does it ?
Got an email from Novell too – my SUSE discs won’t now be dispatched until the end of July. I’ve solved the problem of where to put another box to play on, but I have no space for 2 monitors. I’m assuming that a switch exists which can be used to select the source signal .. I’ll browse Maplins tomorrow.

I’m on my last book of that bunch I bought a while ago – all I have left to read is Al Qaeda and What It Means to Be Modern. Wondering what to read next, I wandered over to Amazon and made myself a little list of reads. It too is on the right. It’s a reminder thing really – especially for the Alan Clark Diaries – as whenever I walk into Waterstones or Borders, I feel like a kid in a toyshop and completely forget just why I walked in.

4 thoughts on “PGPrivacy

  1. I’ve just bought one of these. ( Very very nice, only £28.13 inc delivery etc.

    Easy to set up, one wee box in the middle, cables to that back of each machine, speaker cable too. Doesn’t like the Microsoft USB Intellimouse though, so just use a normal PS/2 wheel mouse.

    You can either press the button on the wee box, or my preferred way, press the Scroll Lock key twice in quick succession.

    Highly recommended, bought a few for myself and recommended them to friends too.

    Unfortunately, they’re out of stock just now 🙁

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