I like Green !

You know how the admin screens of WP are all white / grey ? Mine isn’t 🙂 3 shades of green I have now, and most foul it is too ! I cleaned the blog today. I install lots of plugins – some only for a few minutes, and my plugins screen was taking ages to load (well, you know what I mean) so I’ve blitzed that folder, got rid of the Comment Preview screen (I was finding it annoying and it looked wrong) and cleared out other little files and folders. One plugin I played with for a while was the ‘text to image’ / ‘headline image generator’ for post titles. That particular folder was seriously large.
I’ve learnt before – in the days of ‘my-hacks.php’ (ahhh…memories …..) – that upgrading is basically as complex as you make it, so with 1.3 on the way, a bit of a spring-clean now isn’t going to hurt. In fact, looking at the plugins / mods I now have, upgrading should be a piece of cake.
Sorting the webspace has knocked over 12meg off the size. Not that I needed the space at all (using 48 of 150) but if it’s not being used, why keep it ?

Servers. What they need is a way of marking a file so that if you run Delete on it, a confirmation box will pop up. Not a cpanel thing (I detest cpanels) but something that would work with ftp. That would be useful, damn useful !