Wanna buy webpages ?

I’m taking a break from the WP forums for a few days. I am still monumentally pissed off at certain things, and the only way for me to step back is to not go there. Not like I’m needed though is it ?

I saw a comment by Matt somewhere – I cannot recall where – that he expects a much larger number of people to be using WP in 12 months. This is a good thing, but I realised that the wp work I have done will be used more. The latest stats – from Saturday last – indicate Unique Visitors: 1,538 + Reloads: 3,081 = Total: 4,619. That’s a lot of hits. And it’ll only get bigger. My knowledge of Adsense is little, but surely that level of interest, an interest which will sustain, is good enough for ad placement ? Some of the longer pages could even be broken down into smaller pages so I could fit more ads on. Why shouldn’t the work I’ve done try to generate some income ?
But I don’t like ads, and I sure as hell never click them myself. Maybe I should, after a couple of months of stats, offer the content of those pages to someone else – nothing altruistic mind you. How do you sell a webpage ?
Bah, who cares ………

If I’ve helped you in the past with WP, and you need any help, email me – I’ll be pleased to help you out if I can.

Now I’m going to reinstall Myst and see how far I can get this time.

Don’t you just love 403 ?

6 thoughts on “Wanna buy webpages ?

  1. Sorry to hear you are so aggravated by the forums Mark 🙁

    Iersonally, I think you are needed – you are an excellent helper in the forums, you always give excellent answers and I know I am only one of hundreds who truly value your expertise.

    Having said that, I can understand you when you say you need some time out and I just hope I can help YOU in some way – my way of saying a huge thanks for all you have done for me…

  2. You have got to get a grip of yourself Mark. Ill informed abuse goes (periodically) with the territory. Have a rest. Chill out. And come back fighting. We need you. WP needs you. And the punters need you.
    Best Wishes Your mate Root.

  3. Your time and help have been both valuable and appreciated by me. I can only imagine that others must enjoy and appreciate your help as well. I understand burnout though, and I hope you get the rest you need and deserve. If I ask you for help, and you begin to feel aggravated, or just not in the mood to deal with my Q & A, let me know. I can take a hint (usually). :o)

  4. I think I can say without fear of retribution that I, like so many other people cannot express how much we value you Mark. You’re willingness to help me, and others like me with WP has been of tremendous value.

    I know how you feel, when people don’t appreciate all of the hard work that you put into something, or when people just keep wanting more and more and more from you, without thought of even stopping long enough to thank you properly for the help you have given them.

    So… for me, and all my friends who you’ve helped : THANKS Mark!

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