Piss me off on a normal day and I might just get annoyed. Do it today and I’ll piss you off back. Like I just did. I do think that unless you have something positive to say, you shouldn’t say anything, and I also believe in constructive criticism. You don’t, so I’ll do you a favour and remove your ability to get offended by my work. That okay ? Good.

In other news ….. checked into getting a faster line. A 1024K line will cost me £50 for the upgrade, then £20 per month. My current line is 512K and £22.50 per month. So the speed would be nice, but then on the faster line there is a monthly download limit of 5Gig. That’s not a lot …… used to break that in 2 days sometimes when I was with Zen. As it is I’ve an uncapped line so I think I’ll be staying at 512K for a while yet.

There was something else I read today which has bugged me all day. But if I go off on one – like I do – then it will come out all wrong, I’ll annoy people I don’t want to annoy and in the end feel like a dickhead for writing it, even though what I’d be saying is true. So I won’t. It’s just stuff here that’s digging at me and ‘kicking the cat’ won’t make it better will it ?

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