No sharp points

Quite a productive day was Sunday, despite it starting off with my head in a mush. ‘Wp-Tagged’ is virtually done I think, just need to go through all the code today, eliminate redundant – and therefore confusing – CSS, and possibly change a colour or two. NuclearMoose described the page last night as an “explosion in a crayon factory”. I take that as a huge compliment ! The front page to my ISP space has had a touch of colour thrown in as well, and I’ve made it clearer that the site is being tracked too. I would imagine that most sites are tracked these days, so instead of having someone digging around and wondering what data is being gathered (as they have already done), it’s all out in the open (not the actual data, but the program being used). Not sure yet what I’ll get up to today on there …….

Here I’ve changed my 401 / 403 / 404 error pages so they are updated, and just to be anal, I’ve validated them too 🙂

First day proper of the Summer Break for the girls too. You a parent ? Heard the phrase “I’m bored” yet ? Me too.

Mozilla SuperUnicorn.

Stats. The tracker for the WP guides became active at about 6pm Saturday. It’s now 10:30am Monday – some 40 hours later. So far there have been : Unique Visitors: 391 + Reloads: 1,250 = Total: 1,641 That’s quite a few !