Chocolate Chip

Tried again this morning to solve my problems trying to set up WordPress in my ISP space.
Searching the database turned up this blog address in there … no idea why it was, so I changed it and all was well. Went to view the blog, but saw no posts. Hmm…problem. Made a post – it showed in the DB, but not on the page. Off to the forums for a search. Tried looking at the site in IE and all was good.
Cookies !!
Deleted all my Firefox cookies, and all is now working.
Quite why a cookie got into the mix is beyond me, but as it is solved, who cares ? So at least the new WP CSS project can finally get off the ground 🙂

I wonder how many sites I’ll have to relog into now though ……..and how many pw’s I will have forgotten !

And if you are running Firefox, I recommend you install the Firesomething extension. This morning it appears that I am actually using a browser called “Mozilla SeaOyster” 😀

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