More profit is what would happen

Story on the BBC about energy thieves being targeted because “The UK Revenue Protection Agency estimates theft costs around £350m a year, which is passed on to customers.”
Does anyone really believe this crap ?

If we believed all of them, then if everyone paid their way:
– Tesco would cut prices as shoplifters would not be stealing
– Road Tax would go down as no-one would avoid it
– TV licenses would be cheaper with no dodgers
– Insurance costs would fall because everyone would be honest
– CD’s and DVD’s would be slashed in price as piracy would not occur

Yea right …….. or do they think that by couching this news in such terms encourages us to develop that ‘twitching curtain’ habit and report on our neighbours ?

Oh yes, and it’s an estimate. Why didn’t they add £15million and go for the “£1 million lost a day !!” shocker ?

2 thoughts on “More profit is what would happen

  1. The cd/software/dvd piracy argument has been going on for years. On the one hand, youve got publishers saying that if more people paid for them and less people downloaded them for free, they could afford to lower the prices. Then on the other hand, youve got the consumers saying if they lowered the prices theyd get more people buying them and less people stealing them. Catch 22, and I, for one, cant see it changing anytime soon.

  2. Agreed Steve.

    Back “when I were a lad”, they said CD’s would be cheaper to make than LP’s and prices would fall. They lied.

    They said Game CD’s would be cheaper then Cartridges, so games would get cheaper. They lied.

    And on a completely unrelated note, I’m looking into a faster line …… 😉

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