6 months with WordPress

January 17 I quit using hand written (typed) html with ftp, and moved to WordPress.

Some stats:

  • 540 Posts
  • 103 Comment Posters
  • 83,542 Words
  • Page Views since 29 May (when script installed): 29323
  • Most read post with 781 views: Just Stuff
  • Most commented post with 22 comments: Orkut
  • Top Commenter with 73 comments: Dino !
  • Top non-blog referrer with a count of 2923: Google
  • Top blog referrer with a count of 432: Steve !
  • Top Keyword : WordPress styles

Some random keywords that somehow turned up in a search engine so causing people to visit:

  • tzatziki breath
  • big mac mcblt a quarter pounder with some cheese
  • wot might it be like on other planets?
  • I remember the sound your november downtown
  • funkaoshi
  • lindsay lohan screwing
  • whats it like wearing strappy sandals
  • ive got a bike you can ride it if you like
  • olympic swimmer Steve Genter

(Note – I blame the Waypath for those !!)

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5 thoughts on “6 months with WordPress

  1. There is indeed – I use 2.

    1. From http://www.delymyth.net/en/index.php?p=1007
    That’ll give you LOTS of data. Needs a couple of edits in index.php, and you need also to create a new table in the database for data storage but the readme shows how. If you gets stuck, I’ll mail you where I have my data calls.

    2. The other is clickable from “Statistics” in the menu. Easy plugin.

  2. not that i will probably visit this site ever again, but the “I remember the sound your november downtown” thing is a line from the song Winter by Joshua Radin

    “I remember the sound, of your November downtown”

    Thats how I got here 😛

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