Getting rid of snow

Following certain events over atthe404, I finally got round to installing a tracking script on my ISP webspace. Every page there is now tracked – will be interesting to see which pages get the most hits ….
The logs they provide aren’t that great, and as they do not allow mod_rewrite to run, I’m not sure if I can yet use anti-hotlinking in my .htaccess there. This tracking script should prove useful though, and the results screen is password protected. The script I’m using is User Fingerprints again, only this time it’s the Perl version. It has pretty graphics 🙂 To password protect, I decided to try their DeadBolt script, and a fine tool that is as well !
As a side note, all the IP’s banned from this space are also banned from the ISP space.

Next project for today is to complete and test a custom page that a banned user will see. I believe it’s a 401 …..