Couldn’t sleep .. I was being far too noisy just trying to breathe, so that’s one tired me. Amazing how much effort you need to breathe and how much it tires you out even though normally it goes completely unnoticed.

I’ve been trying to get some css to do something, and it won’t. Well it would, if it would at least get on speaking terms with a line of php. Hell, it doesn’t even have to speak .. a grudging passing over of a snippet of info would be fine ! Humph.

Went to Rat’s blog last night, and there’s a placeholder there. A link in the top right says something like “Seeing this instead of your site ?”. I failed to see it was a mailto: link (I never click them) and I clicked it. My computer locked up solid. Nothing at all would unfreeze it. Bugger. Turns out that the powerdown corrupted a couple of files. Annoying.

Out of interest, I checked the counters on my WordPress guides. The two index pages which have the counters have registered over 11,000 visitors so far. Not page hits, but unique visitors. Wow ! From briefly tracking those pages when they were here, the average visitor looked at 5 pages .. big numbers!

Asda Shower Gel. Says on the side “Safe to use for 24 months after opening” Now I don’t know about you, but I like packaging to answer my questions, not generate them.

6 thoughts on “Phlegm

  1. Why is it that all these shower gels smell great, but they taste so totally foul ? Not that I eat them, but when you get the bubbles near your mouth (no MJ pun intended there) it’s so ick.

    And wow, do I feel like shit on a stick today.
    Yay … now I get to moderate my own comment.
    Isn’t that just daft ?

    /me wants a plugin so I can swear in my own comments 🙂

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