“File does not exist”

Do you think that maybe they were after something ?

All errors:
[Wed Jul 14 15:56:48 2004]
[client]   /formmail.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/contact.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/mailform.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/formmail.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/FormMail.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/FormMail.pl
[client]   /html/mail.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/fmail.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/fmail.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/form.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/contact.pl
[client]   /html/cgi
[client]   /html/cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/mail.cgi
[client]   /html/formmail.pl
[client]   /html/formmail.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/feedback.cgi
[client]   /html/contact.cgi
[client]   /html/form-bin
[client]   /cgi-bin/cgiemail
[client]   /cgi-bin/form.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/mailform.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/mail.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/sender.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/mailer
[client]   /cgi-bin/ezformml.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/email.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/formmail
[client]   /cgi-bin/npl_mailer.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/FormMail.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/email.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/BFormMail.pl
[client]   /cgi-bin/contactus.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/mailer.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/friends.cgi
[client]   /html/formmail.cgi
[client]   /cgi-bin/mailer.pl
[client]   /html/formmail.cgi
[Wed Jul 14 16:25:11 2004]

And I could have sworn that not only I had a robots.txt, but that I had put one on Bri’s subdomain too – I was fed up of the error log entries. Yet today, no such files. Odd.