Claire said yesterday, in relation to something she had posted on her blog, that she should not post personal stuff there. I’m not disagreeing – see later – but yet again this shows just how estranged this whole blogging thing is from real life (and I’m not getting at you Claire .. I’m just going off on one like I do)

I have said for a long time that blogs are disposable, and it’s a view that I have more firmly than ever before. Occasionally in the WP forums, there will be a post from someone (usually a person migrating from MT) saying that they “REALLY NEED” a certain function and that it is “IMPORTANT” for their blog that they (HELP !!) have this. WTF is that all about then eh ? It’s a BLOG, it’s a digital creation that doesn’t even really exist, it’s an online thing, it doesn’t really matter. Get a f*cking life will you ?

If we – that is ‘bloggers’ – are not sharing what we really think, then how valid is what we write ? Okay, so if you are writing a tech blog or some other creative writing which offers insights into the human condition or whatever, then fine, your blog is at least trying to diseminate some form of news, but if you are one of what must be the 99.9% of people who are just blogging because everyone else is, what on earth makes what you write so bloody good ? (And how many readers of this just put themselves into that 0.1% ?)
I do not, and have not, pretended that this blog is anything other than mindless keyboard tapping from me. It’s nearly 6 months since I made the switch to WP (check back on the 17th for the numbers, stat fans !) but I really cannot think of one meaningful entry – why ? Because the meaningful stuff is happening around me – it involves REAL LIFE. Sure I rant on here – like now – about certain people and events, but while others may consider their blogs to be something utterly fantastic (and you can bet they’ve done one of those blog2pdf conversions …truly sad THAT is) if my database disappeared tonight it would be no big deal. I play with this blog. I break things, mend them, play with CSS, see what plugins do and using that knowledge, spend far too much time in the WP forus helping out (2,030 posts so far) and in the end, this is a toy.

‘Valid’, I used that word. Everything we write is valid – to a point. But if what we blog is so heavily self-censored, and so written that it reminds us, and only us, of those events that we have not blogged about, then surely why bother ? Blogs become merely a listing of the flotsam and jetsam of our lives.

Would you really want me to write here all about my mental health issues ? Would you expect me to faithfully document the progression of J’s MS ? Do you want to read what it is like being a parent in all it’s detail ? Do you think my blog would be better if I did ? I’m not about to do so, even with stuff about me ….. isn’t it the case that when you pass an acquaintance in the street and say “Hi, How you doing ?” you fully expect a “Fine thanks” ? What you don’t want – at all – is a tale of woe. So if blogs are for escaping from REAL LIFE, then are we all fantasy authors ?

I am, in a way. Using the net and playing with this site is my escapism, and it’s a very necessary escapism – but I don’t pretend that it isn’t. I read a lot of blogs, and the vast majority are actually – even with this ‘throwaway’ status I impose on them – pretty good. Those are the ones that don’t take themselves seriously, don’t make themselves out to be all geeky (You know what ? I read a lot of blogs by people I know are geeks, and they don’t try to look like one) or valuable in whatever subject. Isn’t that like ‘style’ ? If you need to try, you ain’t got it.

I have always thought that the louder someone shouts about something, the less important it actually is. Bit like blogs really.

Blogging. Real life.

Real life. Blogging.

Don’t get those two confused eh ?