+2=2000 !

Has anyone else got problems with Windows Explorer bugging out ? This has only happened since I installed the last critical update from m$ – and it annoys the hell out of me.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better (no Fnook…..it was serious 🙂 ) and I can get on with the CSS project thingy.

Got rid of Crimson Editor today. Found a smaller, no-install program called PSPad. It has the syntax highlighting I like, ftp built in, a handy ASCII code table and a ton more things I’ll never use, but it’s quicker to open, looks nicer and looks to be just what I want from a text editor.
Tagboards. Don’t care for them myself, but following an email from someone, I tried installing some. Horrible little beasts some of them were too. In the end, found one at www.cj-design.com which was easy to install and configure.

Remember herbal twist sweets ? Asda do a “Apple, Plum, Rhubarb & Ginger” High Juice that tastes really close to those sweets. Most nice !

3 thoughts on “+2=2000 !

  1. A day before you posted about pspad my textpad and I fell out of love.
    The cause of our permanent tiff was the cursor changing to an uncontrollable black square. Now I am sure a geek will tell me that if I press caps lock, control, f5, +delete or something it will be fine. But I am – in computers – a great one for intuitive useability, and by that standard it failed. Now pspad. OH my goodness me. What a gorgeous piece of software. Ab Fab. So thanks for the recommend. All is now sweetness and light. The traditional IE CSS postioning glitch in my Trident template has now been eliminated. 🙂

  2. It is nice isn’t it ?
    LaughingLizard recommended TextPad to me, and I did have a look…. wasn’t hugely impressed straight away, and it’s also not free. Now I know where to find the full version for no money (like it’s difficult eh?) but freeware I much prefer. Just need to play with the ftp side of things.
    And the template is excellent – well done !

    (I fixed this css too .. not that it’s noticeable 🙂 )

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