Getting a cold

New link added in the ‘Reading’ list – to Michael Moore’s new blog

Why is that even when you help many people, and those people are unfailingly polite, all it takes is 2 people to not offer any ‘Thank you’ at all and I feel so bloody annoyed ? Call me petty, but their emails and any pleas in the forums are now going unanswered by me.
Manners are essential, they are not an ‘optional extra’. If you have appreciated something, you express your thanks. If someone has helped you, you say ‘Thank you’. Reap what you sow ……..

8 thoughts on “Getting a cold

  1. If nothing else, it acknowledges that they read your response and what you had to say either helped or didn’t.

    Sure is nice to know the effort put in actually helped get to a working solution, rather than just shooting into the wind.

    Keep on trekkin, you do great work in the WP forums.

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