My head is in no-space right now. I can ponder what I want to do, I can very nearly visualise how I want to do something, but when it comes to now, to sitting in front of the keyboard and with the time to do it, it just doesn’t work.
It’s almost like it’s too much effort, like it will take too much thinking and concentration for my current mental state. I’m getting used to this cyclical stuff. I don’t like it at all – I’d much prefer a consistent level of activity – but there’s no getting way from how my head is, and the times of good productivity are wonderful, but it is annoying. Even when I try, I end up doing such crap work that I scrap it .. so I’ll just ponder instead.

One such ponder was to set up a wiki purely to mess with WP css. In theory, sounds good, but then in practice ? It wouldn’t really work. That sort of thing is better done individually I reckon.
I do think that a page / testblog as I mentioned below would be good though. It’s not a huge effort, and aesthetics aren’t actually a huge consideration (are they ?) so long as the blog validates, and the CSS does too. Default index.php, but then go to town on every #id and .class used, and also add in as much css detail (like Root’s use of category id) maybe by repeated redefinitions. I might set up a testblog and populate it with entries, comments, links, categories in preparation … that shouldn’t take much thought 🙂

One thought on “no-space

  1. I really like this idea as I have mentioned previously. A blog which was a collaborative effort could be fun for the gang and we could all test, bend, break, fancy css techniques. It would probably look like s*** all together but it could be fun. Then we could all take techniques back to our own blogs for further implementation. We could do that fancy FIR type stuff, opacities, and all sorts of stuff. That cyclical thing – I get it too. It is overwork maybe – or just the levels of concentration needed are unsustainable indefinitely. I go in bursts for design and building – on the forum – anmd blogging. Just my 2c.

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