#1 again

It was the ‘End of Year’ presentations at D.’s school today. Seemed much like the routine merit assemblies that we go to at P.’s school, only with bigger kids.
Being Year end, and with all present moving up to the next school (College) all the teachers were saying how great their forms were, and the kids were getting certificates based on how well they had worked that year. They got their name called, trooped up and were presented with their certificates, shake of hands and sit down. It was all routine – after all there were about 6 classes, each with around 30 kids to get through. Then at the end, they had some special certificates. Sports, excellent grades in certain subjects, that sort of thing. On the leaflet they had handed out when we went in there was, right before the Head’s closing speech, a ‘Student of the Year’ thing mentioned. Several weeks ago, D. had mentioned that one of her friends had nominated her, but that she had said not to, and that everyone who wanted to vote for her must vote for this other lad. Apparently this boy lost his mum just before they all did their SAT’s, and everyone liked him. D. told her mates to vote for him. Anyway, that was a few weeks ago.
The Head of Year stands up, and starts talking about the vote. Now I’d forgotten that bit above, so I wasn’t really paying attention. She comes out with a load of praise, commiserates with this other boy that he was very very close, and then announces D. as the winner……

J was crying, I had a lump in my throat.
When assembly broke up, D. too was crying (lots of them were – last assembly and all that) and she was insisting over and over that the boy should have it. Even now, some hours later, she’s not entirely comfortable with it.

It’s her Prom night. She left a friends house by Limo at 6:30pm, and after the Prom, she and some friends are going for a meal. She looked lovely when she left.

And us ? You can’t feel any prouder than we do, you really can’t.

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