This style is going .. when my head pain subsides enough for me build another.

Just uploaded some new pictures of completed work to the abody site. The main galleries there are fine – minimal html and a php script handle the work in that area, but the featured work and more especially the coverups is a mess. The featured stuff isn’t badly laid out (and Brian and Neil are very happy with the site anyway) but I really do need to get a better clue as to how to handle the coverups side of things.
It’s actually a very important part of their trade, so being able to show off what they do in that area is important, and while it all works (so long as your browser supports js) it really does need sorting. I’ve got 2 goals with regard to their site: (1) that they are happy with how it looks, and (2) that if I stopped doing it, someone with a clue could easily understand the site structure. The particular area I’ve mentioned fails there …..I was wondering today as I came back from town – if I had not been manic at the time, would I have even said I’d do it ? Having said that, I’m content in the knowledge that even though I was borderline certifiable, the site looks okay.

I was going to rant about cpanels after last night experiences, but I’ll save that for another day.

And I want to have a look at UK based hosting options ….. found a potential place in the US should it be needed, but closer to home would be good if I need it.