A few weeks ago, I forget exactly when, I unsubscribed from uk.people.bodyart
Just after that, I remembered the ‘Music / Gigs’ thread I had started, so I hopped back, got the info, created the page here and linked it in a post to the ng. And then I took upb out of my newsgroups list again.

I had a brief look last night, and what a surprise, there’s dnc trying to kick sand in people’s faces again. What a complete twat that guy is.
AJ – upb mail has had problems for months, yet he waited until an opportune moment (for him) to whinge and throw his (considerable) weight around. Remember that I posted, for months, the FAQ ? And then, when it suited him, he pedantically pointed out certain inconsistencies – those inconsistencies having dated back to before I ever posted an FAQ, yet I was the target then, and he attacked me for it. dnc will not, under any circumstances, attack certain people within upb. In fact, he positively fawns around them – this is not their fault, and I’m sure in many ways they find it equally off-putting. I do wish he would post more to RAB – he was so sycophantic it was sickening.

AJ – ignore pretty much everything this guy posts. He is not doing it for the benefit of upb, he is not doing it to be in any way helpful. He is doing it because he is a twat.

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  1. I agree with Mark on this one…you started off my “alright” list way back when, but after some of the stuff youve posted on RAB since then, and a lot of your posts on UPB, youve moved into my “thought he was alright, but turned out to be a bit of a cock” list.

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