WordPress Plugins

There is some good stuff not long out:

Carthik has written one that will mean only registered users can see the blog at all. The forum post is here.

Scott Hanson has an auto close comments plugin that will shut comments, so preventing Comment Spam, whenever any changes are made to the database. So basically install it, forget about it.

The SpamWords list has been updated if you use that feature to auto-moderate any suspect comments.

MooKitty has upgraded her plugin that will kill any comment spam from sources that may have hit you in the past. Kitten’s Spam Words 2.0

Planetphillip found a site if you like those little buttons which ‘adorn’ so many sites – www.gtmcknight.com/buttons. (I have to say I think they are foul creations. There’s only 2 possible ‘buttons’ you need on your site, and both of those are from the w3 validator. All the fancy buttons don’t make up for crap coding.)

Right….now I’m off to try yet again to find a map.

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