Busy busy busy

I’ve made a page for any WordPress users to have a link to their page be displayed on the world map. If you were on my other one, you are already on the new WorldPress page.

and ….

  • I’ve sorted all my ‘Web’ folders here and tidied them, deleted a lot of duped stuff
  • Got my ftp program to open in the correct local folder for each site, deleted many ftp account settings that were still sitting in my program from helping others
  • Downloaded and installed the latest hack for 1.2 – the Wiki plugin. Really easy to install, I’ve got my initial pages set up, and tomorrow or whenever I’ll play some more
  • Sorted my torrents and downloads folders out – again deleting lots and moving other files
  • Realised that Crimson isn’t quite as good in some cases and while this is no great issue to me (like I write php !) I’ve got a free download of Maguma Studio to play with – mind you, at an 18meg d/l it would have to be pretty damn special and do ALL my files for me to keep it
  • Downloaded and played Daleks – great game !
  • Installed the ferrets into a new cage complete with hanging tunnel and climbing bits
  • Debated changing the css here then gave up for lack of creativity (don’t worry, I’ll be equally uncreative but change it anyway soon)
  • All this … and not a single jaffa cake today !

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