Was it voluntary ?

There was an advert on the TV a few minutes ago (in the F1 Qualifying coverage) from MG-Rover – the car people.

Odd one this, as it’s not directly selling a particular model, but the company is trying to sell their image. Nothing wrong in that, but one phrase struck me:
“Last year we made a contribution of half a billion pounds to the economy”
Good word is that – contribution – it implies generosity, altruism, voluntary.
But that’s wrong isn’t it ? They were taxed. That is not voluntary, it’s not altruistic and there is not a shred of generosity in there either.

Still … someone will fall for it.

(I don’t supose it would sell so well if they said something along the lines of “We charge so much, we make a huge stinking profit, so large in fact that the tax to pay on it – which still leaves us rolling in cash – is over £500 million.”)

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