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Ever go to the World Geoblog link over on the right ?

I wanted to play with this a while ago, then got distracted. Then last night I read an entry on the WordPress Wiki and today decided to play.
I’ve gone to all the blogs I link to, checked to see who has decided to live at map reference 0,0 (it’s fairly crowded there I can tell you!) and put everyone else into my linkmap.
It’s static right now and does not show any last feed – I’m working on that – but it’s a neat way of showing who links and where they live.

If you want to activate the Geo info in your WP blog, or otherwise use Geo data so that others could pick you up into such a map, the format that (the site is down) uses is:
<meta name='DC.title' content="What makes you happy ?" />
<meta name='geo.position' content="52.633005;-1.234245" />
That’s my info there obviously, and it’s Lat first.
(WordPress looks after this info once you have entered the details into the Options section, so you don’t need to bother with that format above.)

One place to get your info is

Anyway, here’s my LinkMap

4 thoughts on “My WorldPress

  1. It’s a doddle – a long doddle mind !

    Download the Worldkit.
    Edit config.xml to be the same as mine –

    Edit rss.xml in a similar way to mine –

    Upload the lot.

    …and that’s it. I just followed the pattern in the default install.
    No feeds showing yet, but that’s something to do anyway.

    And Geourl ? I’ve not seen anything …

    What I would like though – but can’t find, is a map similar to that used on UKBlogger. I don’t want theirs, but I can’t find anything decent, so if you happen across one ….. 😉

  2. I saw a link on the worldKit site that led to a page that gave one maps according to the user’s specifications.

    I don’t really see what you mean by the feeds not showing yet.

    It is very nice of you to share yours config files this way 🙂

  3. I’d quite like the last post to show, for the tag to then revert to the blog title, and for that tag to remain on-screen for a bit longer.
    I’ll have a look inside the .swf file later, see what – if anything – I can understand 🙂

    And this blogging and doing stuff is all about sharing info – it’s how we all got better at what we do.

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